Join the global Switch2Cyber® campaign

Let’s unite to tackle the cyber skills shortage

The purpose of this global campaign, Switch2Cyber®, is to grow awareness and ignite passion for professionals with skills in a diverse background to join cyber.

It is no secret that cyber is seen as an IT problem. Given that cyber has evolved into diverse areas, should we not encourage professionals from diverse areas to get involved? Having created a career in cyber from a non-traditional tech and cyber background, I am passionate about enabling others to achieve the same.

  • Do you want to switch to cyber?
  • Do you want to help somebody switch to cyber?

Connecting cyber professionals to cyber switchers

Let’s make cyber an opportunity for all, regardless of their background. Join the global campaign Switch2Cyber®.

The Switch2Cyber® campaign will:

  • Connect Cyber Professionals with Cyber Switchers who are looking for someone to take them under their wing i.e. guide, advise and help them successfully switch to cyber.
  • Give Cyber Switchers the ability to connect with Cyber Professionals across the world whom they would like to learn from and work with to help them switch to cyber.
  • Share tips, advice and support each other as a Cyber Community on our journey to switch into cyber.
  • Be hosted on the BuddyAmp platform.

Cyber Professionals

Calling upon all cyber professionals to take another professional wanting to switch to cyber under your wing by advising, guiding and helping them.

Cyber Switchers

Calling upon all professionals who want to switch to cyber and looking for a Cyber Professional to guide, advise and help you.

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